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Connecting people with disabilities to the freedoms of nature

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About the film


In 2011, Daniel Watson survived the highest rock climbing fall on record from 280 feet. Her surgeon looked at over 200 cases of falls from only 100 feet, with a 100% mortality rate. In 2014, Josh Hancock nearly lost his life after an ice climbing fall in the remote backcountry. In 2018, Anna Soens became the first female paraplegic to summit Mount Hood and is continuing to pioneer para-mountaineering -- pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

ADAPTED is a feature-length documentary that follows these three paraplegics on three life-changing adventures. From the first paraplegic ascent of Mount Baker and sit ski descent, to a 100-mile hand cycling ride around the White Rim Trail, to rafting the mighty Salmon River -- we see their raw challenges, their heartfelt successes, and the less-known community supporting these individuals. 

Interviews with authors, scientists and medical professionals build the case for humans foundational connection to nature and it’s restorative healing qualities. We see the life-change that paralysis presents and how remarkable the human spirit is in its ability to adapt.

I was in awe of these athletes who were climbing,
skiing, and mountain biking in a style I’d never
seen before; they were getting after it and I was
pumped. For the first time after my fall, I found
hope for my future.
— Featured athlete Anna Soens


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